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About us


Established in 2005 to supply quality reusable furniture in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, Kingston Community Furniture have grown and now offer services across 4 Surrey Boroughs as well.

In October 2013 we joined with Staywell which has allowed us to offer an enhanced Housing Options service for those thinking of moving or downsizing. Please click on the panel to the right to find details of how to access this service

We are always delighted to supply furniture to those in need in any of the areas we cover. If you would like to speak to someone about this, telephone the number at the top of this page; if you prefer please e mail.

KCF are proud to be members of both the London and Surrey Reuse Networks. Working collaboratively with other reuse partners makes it possible to achieve a lot more. Jointly, KCF have been able to offer reuse services and clearance facilities to local businesses, colleges, churches and local councils. This is on top of the thousands of households we have helped over the years.

You can be assured of the quality of KCF’s services. We are accredited by the Furniture Reuse network as an ‘Approved Reuse Centre’. This means that all aspects of our operations are subject to annual scrutiny to ensure best standards and practices.

Our environmental impact shows a record of solid and ongoing achievement. Not only does reuse avoid throwing bulky items into unsightly landfill sites, it also saves thousands of tonnes of harmful carbon emissions every year. It is estimated that every tonne of furniture reused saves 3.45 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Recycling also plays a vital part in our work. We are always collecting lots of bulky items that cannot be reused but, they can often be recycled. To achieve this, we deconstruct items breaking them down into smaller parts that can be reused as spares or recycled.

A typical example would be a battered and torn old armchair. This very likely comprises a mixture of textiles (the cover), wood (the frame) and metal (the springing); all can be recycled once they are separated.

KCF are always looking for new ways to increase our outreach and our environmental record. Recently, operating with a commercial partner, we have been able to add mattress recycling to our portfolio. This is a very significant initiative to minimise waste and avoid landfill. To find out more, click on the mattress recycling link towards the top right of this page.