New Charity Shop in Kingston


Perhaps one of the best ways to help and support the local community is to volunteer. At KCF in Kingston, we have many people who are doing just that, helping us in so many ways by  volunteering and in turn helping the community.

We need your help so we can help others and by becoming a volunteer,  you can help KCF deliver our goals in so many ways. You don’t have to be skilled in a trade as we have lots of jobs that require just good old common sense. If you have a trade and want to put it to good use we would love to hear from you too.

If you are experiencing a period of unemployment, have been at home with your children or simply have spare time on your hands for whatever reason, then volunteering in Surrey could be for you. If you would like to keep busy by getting back into the world of work again with the view of perhaps gaining paid employment, then volunteering is an excellent way to do just that. You would be helping yourself and at the same time improving the local community and environment.

Volunteering is so rewarding and uplifting, many of our current volunteers have been with us for many years and they love the sense of achievement and helping others. You may wonder if your travel expenses are covered before committing yourself, the answer is yes we do contribute to mileage you cover whilst acting as a volunteer for us.

We have many volunteering opportunities at our shop in Kingston, so give us a call today or email us and lets see how we can help the community together.

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